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Top Best Shower Bases Collection in Canada And USA

Our huge collection of best shower bases are available in various configurations, sizes, colors, and with corner and seats options. Custom made shower bases and pans in any size and configuration are also available.

Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, textures, and color options to make your luxury bathroom shower your own.

Shower Bases are very important part of the bathroom design process and is a long term and worthy of a investment.

Even though a relaxing hot shower to take all your fatigue and stress away sounds a perfect way to end the day, it’s a terrible feeling to look down and realize you need to mop the floor.

Doesn’t it sound simply wonderful to get out of that shower with a sense of ease and lightness. But it’s definitely when your floor has other plans to make you stay back and clean around instead of plopping onto the bed and drifting off to dreamland.

Not just the extra work and effort that is put in and the time wasted but also the accidents the nasty dirty water on the floor could cause are potential problems too.

Shower curbs help by containing water in areas that aren’t bordered by walls. If a drain becomes blocked, perhaps by a washcloth over the surface, a curb buys you time. It will dam the water within the shower for a while before it lets it run over onto the bathroom floor.

So, why take chances with yourself by not investing in shower bases online with us? Save time and energy and don’t take the risk. With classy colors like beige, black and white add to the color scheme of the bathroom or enhance it even more.

Not just shower bases but with products like thermostatic shower kits, shower shields, bathroom steam units , shower hoops and Towel & Floor warmers, we make sure every product on your dream space checklist is delivered to you anywhere in USA or Canada, just with an order online.

And without further ado, look through all the products we have to offer and pick a shower base that fits your description of ‘the one’.

And of course, as always whenever you think you’ve planned your idea of the perfect shower base with seat online, reach out to us to purchase your very own Bathroom Shower Bases Online, and the Seat Installed Shower Bases ones as well Have a good time shopping and building your dream space with Bliss Bath & Kitchen !

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