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Best Fireclay Kitchen Sinks Canada

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Top Best Fireclay Kitchen Sinks In Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blanco Profina Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Looking to buy Fireclay kitchen sink? you’re at the right place. We have huge collection of Fireclay farmhouse sinks from Brands like Blanco, Franke, Shaws, And More. Our amazing fireclay farmhouse sinks collection tells a unique story.

For years, homeowners and kitchen lovers around the world have turned to fireclay as their sink preferred material of choice.

Our collection of Fireclay kitchen sinks give you the quality you deserve. These Beautiful sinks are available in 18″ 24″, 30″, 31″, 33″, 35″, 36″, 37″, 39″, And 40″ Sizes and are available in single or double bowl options.

Fireclay is entirely natural, very stylish and amazingly practical.

A Fireclay sink can add nice rustic touch to your kitchen.

Beautiful and practical, our fireclay sinks are designed for kitchens, food prep, bars, and laundry rooms.

Here are our best collection of Fireclay Sinks Available whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re just doing a remodel and want something that is high quality and not just a plain old stainless steel sink.

Shaws Lancaster 30 Inch RC3018WH Apron Front Fireclay Sink

rohl rc3018 shaws 30 original fireclay apron sink

The Shaws Lancaster Fireclay Sink is the original farmhouse-style, apron front sink. Named for the House of Lancaster, a branch of the British Royal Family, this style has set the standard for all apron front sinks.

The Lancaster collection by Shaws is available in 18″, 24″, 30″, 33″, 36″, 37″, And 40″ Widths.


Formed over a 3 to 4 week period using legendary Devon Ball clay sourced in Lancashire, England

Heavy duty fireclay sinks are significantly stronger than fine fireclay or vitreous china imitators, making it significantly more durable
Hand-sculpted and hand-finished

Each sink is hand-stamped by the artisan who lovingly created it. No two sinks are exactly the same

Scratch-, stain- and bacteria-resistant due to non-porous surface with antibacterial properties

Cleans easily with soap and water

Authentically crafted in Great Britain

Blanco 401808 Profina Apron Front Fireclay Sink

Blanco Profina 401808 Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

Old world elegance meets sophisticated design.

Whatever your style preference, our Profina ceramic farmhouse sink tells a unique story. Hand-finishing techniques and high firing temperatures produce a smooth, glossy surface that is both incredibly durable and beautiful.

Blanco 36″ wide galley-style Profina kitchen sink features a unique design with an innovative accessory ledge, adding functional workstation convenience and ergonomic comfort.

  • 36-inch wide galley-style apron sink
  • Integrated ledge for custom sink accessories
  • Center drain location
  • Extra large bowl size is ideal for busy kitchens and families
  • Smooth glossy ceramic finish Smooth glossy ceramic finish

Franke MHK720-31WH Manor House Fireclay Apron Front Sink


31.25-in. x 19.75-in. White Fireclay Double Bowl Apron Front Kitchen Sink. Many handcrafted Franke Fireclay sinks are designed in partnership with Villeroy & Boch, a world-renowned premium porcelain and ceramic producer since 1748. Together, Franke created the distinctive design of the Manor House Collection to enhance your personal kitchen style.

Scratch-and-stain resistant fireclay offers hygienic properties and qualities most desired in today’s kitchens.

Are Fireclay sink good?

A fireclay farmhouse sink is much harder to scratch, will not collect rust, and are stain and heat resistant. They are also extremely durable and can withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy kitchen, making them a long-lasting investment.

Fireclay is non-porous, which means it is highly resistant to stains and are very easy to clean.

It also resists cracks and it doesn’t chip easily.

Fireclay is molded and then fired at extremely high temperatures. This technique makes it hard as a rock and resilient to its everyday use.

Blanco Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Blanco 401428 Cerana Fireclay Apron Front Single Bowl Sink

Discover the Classic beauty of Blanco Fireclay

Traditional aesthetics get updated in all the right ways with flexible corner styles and modern design enhancements.

Hand-finishing techniques and high firing temperatures used during the production of a Blanco Fireclay Sinks results in a smooth, glossy surface that is both beautiful and easy to clean.

Enjoy old world charm with timeless beauty of Blanco Fireclay.

We carry complete collection of Blnaco Fire clay sinks including the Profina And Cerana fireclay sinks collection.

Shaws Kitchen Sink

Shaws Double Bowl Shaker Fireclay Kitchen Sink

As individual as the artisan who signed it. – Handcrafted for Life

What makes Shaws Fire Clay Sinks so unique is each sink handcrafted by a single master craftsman, sink walls are 2 inches thick with 2 heavy coats of glaze and they’re made Devon Ball Clay, the best clay in the world and their special recipe is 25% more dense than other clays.

Since 1897, Shaws of Darwen has been making fireclay sinks by hand using traditional methods, each one signed by the master craftsman who created it.

Shaws sinks are for those who want to own an original and make a statement that’s truly their own.

Fired at higher temperatures, Shaws are still in use in 100-year-old English homes. Our classic and contemporary collections are forever timeless, and fit any decor.

Our collection includes Shaws Bowland, Egerton, Lancaster, Ribchester, Shaker, And Waterside Fireclay sinks.

Franke Fireclay Kitchen Sinks Collection

Franke Kitchen Sinks

The Perfect Blend Of Nature And Design

Franke sinks are made with exquisite craftsmanship and elegant designs that also feature functional details for modern kitchens.

Franke manufacture’s and process kitchen materials with superior quality and craftsmanship. As a result, these high quality materials will help you achieve the kitchen atmosphere and cooking style you always always wanted.

Fireclay by Franke is fired for 20 hours in a tunnel kiln at temperatures reaching above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1200 degrees Celsius. This process creates an extremely hard surface, scratch-resistant, heat-proof and impervious to acids and bleaches.

When paired with work surfaces such as wood, glass or granite, Franke selection of elegant designs and tones instantly elevate your kitchen to that of classic status. And its smooth, impervious surface withstands heat, stains and impact and resists standard household chemicals giving you the freedom to use your sink without worry or much maintenance.

Natural material and hand-crafted quality in a range of on-trend tones and elegant shapes, you’re bound to meet your match in one of our fireclay kitchen sinks.

Apron style sinks are more old school and are great addition if you want the sink to be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Shaw RC3021WH Waterside 30 Farmhouse Apron Front Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Shop Online for Fireclay Kitchen Sinks from top brands like Blanco, Shaws, Franke, And More at Bliss Bath And Kitchen.

Farmhouse style sinks made out of fireclay are a great way to add a stylish but extremely functional touch to your kitchen.

And so if you’re looking for Fireclay Kitchen Sinks or have any questions about Installation, Problems contact our customer service at 1-855-366-1001 or Email us at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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