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Blanco Canada Kitchen Faucet

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Blanco Canada Silgranit sinks are admired around the world for their exclusive styles and designer color palette. Silgranit is a patented granite composite sink material with superior strength and durability. These beautiful sinks are scratch, heat, and stain resistant.

We carry the complete collection of Blanco Silgranit Kitchen Sinks including: Vintera, Ikon, Metra, Performa, Precis, Diamond, Vision, And Vienna.

Blanco Silgranit sinks are available in nine different colours and features over 300 exclusive sink designs for you to choose from.

Silgranit sinks are proudly made right here in Canada at Blanco manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario.

Are Blanco SILGRANIT Sinks Any Good?

Blanco Silgranit Sinks are Extremely durable and can withstand heat from boiling water, hot pots off the stove and sheet pans straight from the oven.

They are very easy to clean and don’t require the use of any chemicals and can easily be cleaned with just a mild dish detergentm baking soda or water for regular maintenance.

A Silgranit sink is the ultimate choice for long-lasting choice.

Silgranit sinks use advanced engineering to produce a material that easily withstands everyday wear and tear.

Scratches, any marks from knives, heavy pots, boiling water, baking trays and hot pans don’t stand a chance against Silgranit.

All Blanco sinks are supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Latest Addition To Blanco Silgranit Colour Palette: Coal Black

Blanco 402588 Vintera 30 Silgranit Apron Farmhouse Sink In Coal Black

Captivating, Intense, Endless Black

Discover amazing new design opportunities with the ultimate matte black accent for your kitchen. Blanco latest Silgranit colour, Coal black, is a deep, intense, flat matte black that coordinates beautifully with matte cabinetry and countertop finishes found in contemporary kitchens.

Whether you want a light kitchen with matte black accents, or a dark, dramatic monochromatic kitchen design, Coal Black is the perfect choice for those who love bold design.

No speckles or sparkles. Just Black. Coal Black is a pure, seemingly endless matte-black color with a smooth silk-matte feel.

Coal Black is the ninth addition to the Silgranit color family.

Silgranit Colour Palette

Blanco Silgranit Colour Palette

What is Silgranit Made Of?

Silgranit is a patented granite composite material made of up to 80% natural granite. This finely ground granite is blended with a high-quality source of acrylic.

This superior grade acrylic is made in-house under careful supervision and is blended with specially selected pigments which colours the material all the way through. The durability of Silgranit is the direct result of precise, strict protocols used during every step of production.

Can Silgranit sinks rust?

No, Silgranit does not contain any material which could rust.

Silgranit Colours:

Coal Black, Cinder, Anthracite, Metallic Gray, Truffle, Café, And White.

Blanco Silgranit Sink Collections

Vintera: Modern simplicity. Vintage inspired.
The combination of vintage inspiration with modern design brings the Vintera farmhouse sink collection. With all the material advantages of Silgranit, a slim 6 ½ inch apron and a generous 9-inch bowl depth, Vintera kitchen sinks are spacious, sleek and easy-to-clean.

This farmhouse sinks collection is available in two models, the Vintera 30 Super Single and the Vintera 33 Equal Double.

The Vintera 30 offers a functional single bowl with a generous size, allowing large items to be manoeuvred with ease. While the Vintera 33 offers equal double bowls that can be utilized for different tasks.

Ikon: Apron front masterpiece defined.
The Ikon collection is a complete family of modern farmhouse sinks with a wide variety of sizes and bowl options to fit every kitchen need. The Ikon sinks combine the popular apron front style with the beauty, strength and durability of Blanco Silgranit material.

With its slightly angled apron design, Ikon sinks will add a bold, architectural element to your kitchen. Enjoy that timeless farmhouse charm, without the farm. Available in all 9 Silgranit colours and 4 different sizes: Ikon 30, Ikon 33, Ikon 27, And Ikon 33 1/4 Low Divide.

This collection feature custom accessories.

Precis: Be prepared for the unexpected
The Precis collection is offered in a number of interesting styles and models including the Precis Cascade, Precis ADA/CSA and Precis With Low Divide.

This modern and innovative collection offers clean lines and unique design features. A wide selection of Blanco accessories such as grids, cutting boards and baskets are also available, bringing culinary experience to the next level.

The Precis kitchen sink collection are available in over 10 different models with a variety of product offerings including Low Divide, Bar and small space solutions.

PRECIS kitchen sinks are offered in a diverse range of sizes and configurations to fit every kitchen need.

From compact 19″ bar choices for small spaces, to large 32″ heavy-duty options for busy kitchens. Design your kitchen fearlessly with a Precis sink.

Performa: Indulge in the performance, function and beauty.
Indulge in the ultimate performance of this colourful, functional and sleek collection. With unique shapes and innovative design elements, Performa sinks combine modern aesthetics and functional convenience.

The Performa kitchen sink series are made in Canada and engineered in Germany, are resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and are available in wide range of Silgranit Colours.

Diamond: Precious design captured in stone.
Name the shape, name the application, Blanco Diamond collection has you covered. With over 10 different sink models to choose from, this collection provides endless possibilities for your kitchen.

From double bowls with low divides to spacious single bowls to double bowls, with easy-to-clean rounded surfaces, every detail in this kitchen sink collection has been considered.

Take advantage of the spacious bowls on Diamond Super Single drop-in & undermount sink models. Easily wash large items and enhance your meal prep efficiency when you incorporate exclusive Blanco colanders, mesh baskets, and cutting boards.

Vision: Proudly Canadian.
The Vision Series is proudly made in Canada with engineering in Germany, utilizing European Styling, technology and function.

The Vision collection features smaller, more compact sink styles perfect for retrofits with smaller base cabinets.

With eight different models to choose from in every Silgranit Colour, this series becomes another attractive Silgranit sink offering.

Blanco Vision collection offers a variety of bowl configurations in both undermount and drop-in varieties. Vision kitchen sinks are smaller in size than most Blanco sink collections, making them perfect for retrofitting older kitchens.

Vision drop-in sinks are an excellent choice for laminate countertops with a built-in backsplash.

Vienna: Organic curves and smooth lines.
Vienna sinks offer a soft, organic look for your kitchen. Made of Silgranit, this sink family holds up to everyday wear and tear in busy households. The Vienna’s generous, rounded corners allow for quick and easy cleanup.

Its unique double bowl design features a slightly larger bowl on the left side, providing added functionality.

Blanco 402588 Vintera 30 Silgranit Apron Front Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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