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UNIK Stone

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Unik Stone Stone sinks, vessels & blocks are made from solid natural stone.

Natural Stone is Carved from a solid block stone, have unique appearance, superior durability, resistance and is 100% natural.

Unik Stone natural stone sinks and shower bases are hand cut and made from massive blocks of rough stone quarried to the highest standards in the industry.

Be part of the history of this timeless material and benefit from its exceptional properties and the closeness to nature it will bring to our bathroom.

Create your Dream Bathroom with their line of Bathroom Fixtures.

Some of the best on the market, Unik Stone stunning Limestone and Ice Marble shower bases bring luxurious elegance to any modern bathroom décor.

Their shower bases come with aluminum tiling flanges to ensure a tight and neat finish.

The natural stone products go through a careful quality control. They are each cut by professional craftsmen and their constitution ensures that every single piece is unique.

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