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Perrin And Rowe Faucet Canada

Perrin And Rowe Armstrong Kitchen Faucet in Satin English Gold

Made To A Higher Standard

Faucets and fixtures of the finest calibre

Perrin And Rowe have an exacting sense of proportion, grace, and elegance. It shows in the richness of hand polished finishes. But what distinguishes them the most is their high standard for performance and beauty.

Crafted in England, Perrin & Rowe faucets are never mass produced. Instead, they take a small batch, bespoke approach that includes hand-molding and hand polishing ends with a white glove inspection under a magnifying glass.

Their luxury bathroom and kitchen faucets follow processes that go way back generations, shaped, and polished by hand, by master craftsmen. All complemented by the latest technologies to ensure impeccable performance.

Our collection includes Armstrong, Edwardian, Georgian Era, Holborn, And Deco Faucets & Fixtures.

Perrin And Rowe Armstrong Kitchen Faucets Collection

The Perrin & Rowe Armstrong Kitchen Collection is a perfect blend of modern luxury and industrial design.

Inspired by George And Joseph Armstrong, engineers and pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, Wolverhampton, the town where Perrin & Rowe products are still manufactured today.

The range includes a single-lever faucet and a classic bridge faucet, both available with a pull-down rinse.

Georgian Era Collection Faucets

Perrin Rowe Georgian Era Collection faucets

Exquisite Proportion And Balance

Perrin And Rowe Georgian Era Collection faucets and accessories are made of solid brass by craftsmen who lay their hands on every step of the process.

The Georgian Era Collection draws its inspiration from the period between in the early 1700’s and mid-1800’s when four successive King Georges ruled England. The hallmarks of the era are exquisite proportion and balance, formal detail and a bow to classic ancient Greek architecture.

The collection is a perfect example of English refinement reinterpreted for today’s varied decors.

Authentically crafted in Great Britain, the faucets and accessories are made of solid brass by craftsmen who lay their hands on every step of the process from casting through plating and finishing.

The Holborn Collection

Perrin Rowe Holborn Collection Faucets

Contemporary Yet Timeless

The Holborn Collection is contemporary yet timeless, complementing everything from modern to traditional décor, and every style in between.

Considered by many to be the centre of London, Holborn is the inspiration for the Perrin & Rowe Holborn Series.

Made in Great Britain by craftsmen using time-honored hand-casting and polishing techniques.

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