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Riobel Bathroom & Kitchen Faucets

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At, we are proud to carry the Riobel brand of bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Models we carry include: Riobel CI08 Ciclo 8″ Bathroom Faucet, CIL01 and CIS01 Ciclo Single Hole, Riobel ROMANCE KIT#1345RO and KIT#323RO, PROFILE PFTQ03T 8″ Wall-mount faucet, SYLLA – SY03L 8″, CS – CL01 Single hole, EQUINOX – EQ54 and EQS01C Type, CS01 Single hole and RIU – KIT#323RUTM.

Other models include; RIU – KIT#1345RUTM, RIOBEL – EQUINOX EQ08 8″, PARADOX – PX39, RU01 Single Hole Lavatory faucet, Edge ED12L, ZENDO – ZOTQ54 Type, EQUINOX – KIT#483EQ, EQUINOX EQ11 WALL-MOUNT, EQUINOX – EQ39 2-way Type, KIT#1345EQ, KIT#323EQ, EQUINOX – EQ21, EQ10 3-PIECE DECK-MOUNT and RIU – RU39 2-way Type.

Rioble faucets are known for their durability and functionality. These can be seen in models Paradox PX10 3-piece Deck-mount, Paradox PX21, PX11 Wall-Mount Lavatory Faucet, PARADOX – PX08 8″, PX11 Wall-Mount, PX08 8″, PXL01, MMRD08J Momenti 8″, Riobel 2-Way Type T (Thermostatic), Riobel MMRDL01J Momenti Single Hole, KIT#323MMRDJ and Riobel BLOP01 Single Hole Lavatory Faucet.

Our inventory also includes BSOP01 Single Hole Lavatory Faucet, FRS01, MIZO – MZ01, RETRO – RT01X, MIZO MZL01 and MZ10 3-Piece Deck-mount, MIZO MZ21 Wall-mount, MIZO – KIT#1345MZ, KIT#446MZ, MZ39 2-Way Type, and KIT#323MZ, Momenti KIT#1345MMRDJ, KIT#483PXTMC and of course KIT#483PXTQC.

We ship to all parts of Canada and the USA. Some of the popular models that we ship are Riobel 4-Piece deck-mount tub filler, MMSQL01JC, MMSQS01JC, MMRDS01J, Salomé SA07, Salomé SA11, Salomé Freestanding Tub Filler, ZSOP01 Single Hole, Riobel Zendo Single Hole Faucet ZS01, Zendo Wall-Mount Open Spout, Salomé Floor Mount bath, EDGE – KIT#1345EDTM and KIT#323EDTM and Riobel PARADOX PXS01.

Riobel’s facuets also come in unique styles and models Salomé SA01, Venty VY11C, ZL01, RIU – RU11 and RL01, Salomé SL01, Altitude ATOP39, RIU – RU08L 8″, Salomé SA08, KIT#323ZOTQ, Optimum KIT#8746, KIT#8545 / KIT#2745 and PALLACE KIT#1345PATM are no exception to this.

Riobel PALLACE KIT#323PATM, Optimum KIT#4583 / KIT#8323 / KIT#7223 / KIT#5123 / KIT#5423, Venty- KIT#1345VYC, KIT#323VYC, Zendo Kit #2745 / #3545, ANTICO AT39 Floor-Mount Tub Filler, Zendo – KIT#483ZOTQ / KIT#6323ZOTQ, Zendo Kit #6445, PALLACE KIT#1345PATQ / KIT#323PATQ, Zendo Kit #6446 / Kit #783 Shower Kit and Salomé KIT #1223SA are among the other models we carry at

Should you be looking for Riobel CS – CS39 2-way Type, CS – CS10 3-Piece Deck-mount, KIT#1345SA, Salomé KIT #783SA, Optimum Kit#8045 Shower Kit, Kit#8145, Kit#8223, SYLLA – KIT#1345SYTM, KIT#323SYTM, KIT#1345CSTM, KIT#323CSTM, KIT#1345PFTQ, Profile KIT#323PFTQ, PFTQ12T 4-piece Deck-mount Tub, PFTQ08T 8″ Lavatory Faucet, GS – GS21 Wall-mount Type, Riobel GS – GS11 Wall-mount, GS – GL01 / GS01, SYLLA SY39, SYLLA SY12L 4-Piece Deck-Mount, SYLLA SY08L 8″ Lavatory, GS – KIT#323GS, GS – GS39 2-way Type or RIOBEL MANHATTAN – MA08L 8″ LAVATORY… We have them all.

Kit #1223, ZENDO – KIT#1345ZOTQ, Riobel-PALLACE- 8″ Lavatory Faucet PA08L / MMSQ03JC / PALLACE- 8″ Wall-Mount Lavatory Faucet PA03L, Riobel Paradox – KIT#1345PXTM, Paradox – KIT#323PXTM, EIFFEL KIT#1345EF, Salomé KIT#323SA Shower Kit, SA09 / SA12 / SA17, ANTICO AS01 – Single Hole, RETRO RT01+ Single Hole, Venty VY08C / VY10C / VY21 / VY16C / VYL01C, VS VM01 SINGLE HOLE and RETRO RT03L 8″ Wall-Mount Lavatory are among the faucets we carry under the Riobel name brand.

We ship to all parts of Canada and the USA. In Florida, we serve the residents of Miami, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Orlando, Boca Raton, Hollywood, West Palm Beach, Fort-Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Sarasota-Bradenton, Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Palm Bay-Melbourne, Port St. Lucie, Pensacola, Kissimmee, Bonita Springs and surrounding areas.

While in New York we serve residents of New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse, Albany, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Schenectady, Utica and White Plains

Residents of California mainly from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Oakland, Santa Ana and Anaheim also are regular customers of Riobel bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Buy with confidence from a company you can trust. We look forward to serving you. Should you have any questions, we are a phone call or email away.

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