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Best Dealer Of Victoria And Albert Bath Freestanding Bathtubs In Canada And USA

Victoria And Albert freestanding Worcester Tub

At The Forefront Of International Luxury Bath Design

Victoria And Albert award winning range of Freestanding Tubs caters to bathrooms of all styles and sizes. From compact slipper tubs to roomy rolltops, there’s a shape and design aesthetic to suit every bather. Their unique Volcanic Limestone Soild surface material has been a market leader for over 20 years, initiating the freestanding bathtub trend.

Bliss Bath And Kitchen is the Best Dealer Of Victoria And Albert Bath Freestanding Bathtubs Toronto, Ontario, Canada And USA.

Explore our comprehensive Victoria Albert bathroom collections in contemporary and traditional styles. Bliss Bath And Kitchen is an Authorized Victoria And Albert Dealer in Canada.

We carry the complete collection of Victoria And Albert baths for Sale. Our collection includes Barcelona, Barcelona 2, Amalfi, Terrassa, Ravello, Vetralla, Napoli, Hampshire, Roxburgh, Cabrits, Amiata, Ios, York, Cheshire, Pescadero, Radford, Richmond, Elwick, Shropshire, Toulouse, Ionian, Edge,, Eldon, Marlborough, Monaco, Pembroke, Trivento, Wessex, Worcester, Taizu, And more. We also carry bathtub accessories and bathroom sinks.

Victoria And Albert is a British brand with a worldwide reputation for creating Beautiful looking freestanding tubs and sinks. Their baths are works of Art: singular sculptural forms of sheer beauty, iconic proportions, architectural lines, and opulent curves.

Individually Hand Polished and crafted in South Africa, Victoria Albert Tubs are composed of Volcanic Limestone, a white rock born from the elemental forces of pressure and heat.

Each Victoria Albert Tub is made to last a Lifetime. Each bathtub is not only a centerpiece for the bathroom but a lavish statement that reflects the one who possesses it.

Freestanding tubs add elegance to any bathroom. To complement your decor, these bathtubs come in different finishes and styles.

These Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs are available in Englishcast White, Matte White, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Light Gray, Anthracite, And Stone Gray. There are two main collections, modern and traditional, both offers a choice of freestanding designs and bathing styles.

Victoria + Albert expands its unique ENGLISHCAST material offering to include four bathtub and four sink designs in a new Matte White finish for both the interior and exterior of the vessel. These freestanding tubs will make any bathroom look stunning.

Victoria And Albert RAL Colours

Victoria + Albert Pescadero In RAL Color

Victoria And Albert RAL colours allow you to personalize the outside of their Freestanding bathtubs and sinks to coordinate with your bathroom’s decor. Each finish is multi-layered using a special catalyzed paint, with hand polishing between applications.

The technique results in an exceptional depth and luster to the finish and is considerably more durable than hand painted surfaces.

The Victoria + Albert Barcelona 2 Bathtub

Victoria + Albert Barcelona 2 Freestanding Bathtub

A Design Icon Reimagined

This generously sized freestanding tub is roomy yet won’t dominate a bathroom scheme. Crafted from Volcanic Limestone, it is cast in one seamless piece that won’t creak or flex.

The Barcelona 2 also features a void space underneath for drain plumbing.


  • Built to fit smaller spaces, the Barcelona 2 offers a contemporary and symmetrical design which is easy to install
  • Made from naturally bright white Volcanic Limestone, available in either gloss or matte finish
  • The extremely strong yet lightweight material eliminates the need for flooring reinforcement on second floor installations
  • Due to the non-porous, UV- and stain resistant material your bathtub will retain its white lustre for life
  • Cast and then finished by hand in South Africa, their bathtubs are backed by a 25-year limited lifetime warranty on matte and gloss white finishes
  • Bathtub cleans easily with soap and water
  • Drain kit required and sold separately, Order K-50 to ensure the performance and look is in line with Victoria + Albert standards
  • Their RAL color service allows you to personalize the exterior of freestanding baths and sinks to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom’s color template.
  • Void space underneath tub to accommodate drain plumbing

Victoria and Albert Vetralla Freestanding Tub

Victoria And Albert Vetralla Freestanding Bathtub

Simply designed, offering a deep soak and double-ended to provide views in all directions, the Vetralla bath’s compact size is ideal for modern bathrooms where space is at a premium.


  • Simple, deep and double-ended the Vetralla bath is ideal for small spaces
  • Made from naturally bright white Volcanic Limestone, available in either gloss or matte finish
  • Cast and then finished by hand in South Africa, their bathtubs are backed by a 25-year limited lifetime warranty on matte and gloss white finishes
  • Bathtub cleans easily with soap and water

Victoria Albert Cheshire 69 Inch Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtub In Volcanic Limestone

Victoria + Albert Cheshire Freestanding Bathtub

A Timeless Classic

The Cheshire freestanding tub is a deep Victorian double-ended roll-top bath featuring a range of Ball & Claw feet options. A range of metal foot finishes are available including Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, And Polished Nickel.


  • A timeless classic – a deep Victorian double-ended roll-top bathtub featuring a range of ball claw feet options
  • Made from naturally bright white Volcanic Limestone, available in gloss finish
  • The extremely strong yet lightweight material eliminates the need for flooring reinforcement on second floor installations
  • Due to the non-porous, UV- and stain resistant material your bathtub will retain its white lustre for life
  • Bathtub cleans easily with soap and water

Victoria + Albert Traditional Design

The traditional freestanding tubs collection from Victoria + Albert features classic slipper baths standing proud on ball or claw feet, to sumptuous double-ended soaking baths with an elegant pedestal base.

Made from a unique Volcanic Limestone composite and cast as one single piece, all of their traditional bathtubs offer an exquisitely comfortable soak. Whatever the bathroom size, there is a freestanding bath to suit, from the more compact Shropshire or Wessex bath, to the extra-large Elwick.

Victoria + Albert Modern Design

The modern bathtub collection offers a range of simple and elegant bathtub designs to suit all spaces and bathing styles. Whether you’re looking for a deep and compact sit tub or something more spacious for a reclining soak, Victoria And Albert freestanding modern bathtubs are sure to deliver enduring appeal in any contemporary bathroom setting.

Made from a unique Volcanic Limestone composite, their modern bathtubs and bathroom sinks are exceptionally durable and come with a 25 year consumer warranty. With the addition of our hardware and accessories you can create a wonderfully coordinated contemporary bathroom look.

Victoria + Albert Transitional Design

The transitional freestanding baths collection from Victoria Albert features classic slipper baths to sumptuous double-ended soaking baths with an versatile pedestal base. Made from a unique Volcanic Limestone composite and cast as one single piece, all of their traditional bathtubs offer an exquisitely comfortable soak. Whatever the bathroom size, there is a freestanding bath to suit, from Amalfi to Worcester.

Matte white finish

Matte white finish tub

The Matte White finish can also be customized to feature on any of the 194 RAL colors on the exterior of the bathtub.

Victoria And Albert Baths is a British brand with a global reputation for creating stunning freestanding tubs. They are passionate about their unique ENGLISHCAST material. Naturally white, each item is individually hand finished by craftsmen. They continually introduce new ideas to their collections to keep them at the forefront of bath innovation.

ENGLISHCAST is made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone mixed with resin. As the stone-rich alternative to both cast iron and acrylic it is 100% one piece, hand finished and packed with naturally desirable properties.

Where are Victoria and Albert tubs made?

Victoria And Albert tubs are made in South Africa with natural Volcanic Limestone Material.

What are Victoria and Albert tubs made of?

Victoria and Albert tubs made are with natural Volcanic Limestone Material.

Volcanic Limestone is Victoria Albert’s name for the very special white rock that is perfect for making baths and basins.

It is formed when the elemental forces associated with liquid magma act upon surrounding soft, chalky limestone.

They blend milled Volcanic Limestone rock with high quality resins to bind these strands into a complex 3D matrix. The finished result is QUARRYCAST, a world class stone composite that delivers unrivalled strength, durability and beauty.

The finished result is a world-class bathtub or sink with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The lightweight nature and thinner walls allow for unique and innovative designs.

How do you clean a Victoria and Albert tub?

Always rinse any cleaning products off the bath or basin after use with fresh, clean water.

For light daily use, simply rinse with clean water. If any marks are not being removed with this method, then we recommend a non-abrasive bathroom or kitchen household cleaner.

Victoria And Albert recommends cleaning their 100% Matt products with warm, soapy water, as per the advice for QUARRYCAST White (Gloss) products.

Our Best Sellers Of Victoria Albert Freestanding Bathtubs

Victoria Albert Freestanding Bathtubs Collection

Amalfi: The Amalfi is grace personified, with nuanced curves, and a gentle sloping arc to lean against and let go in comfort. The extended backrest provides greater head support, but it’s also an artistic element, like a wave suspended in space and time.

Amiata: The award-winning Amiata collection was designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati. This collection, with its organic curves and elegant proportions, offers classic style and ergonomics. Amiata works perfectly in both traditional and modern spaces.

The Amiata is available in two sizes, offering design solutions for compact bathrooms.

Barcelona: Inspired by the timeless architectural city, the Barcelona is a deep oval bath shaped for blissful, leisurely soaks in a style that’s forever relevant. Modular sizing and a coordinating range of basins means the Barcelona collection is now accessible for modern bathrooms of all sizes.

Cabrits: The Cabrits has voluptuous shape that provides the ultimate in comfort, for those with a passion for bathing and a penchant for unique artistry. Contoured to fit the body, Cabrits offers enhanced support for bathers of all sizes. Its special ‘double dip’ design makes the bath one of the most comfortable available and, with a maximum volume of just 176 litres, also one of the most water efficient in the Victoria + Albert collection.

Cheshire: The Cheshire is a quintessentially English Victorian-style roll top bath with clean lines, an elegant silhouette, and ornate ball and claw feet. A range of metal foot finishes are available

Edge: The Edge transforms the profile of a classic soaking bathtub into a striking sculpture of linear proportions within an unexpectedly compact form. Deep, double-ended luxury in a compact format. The Edge Freestanding tub shares many of the qualities of the ios, with the addition of distinctive cubic styling and a void space underneath for waste plumbing.

Eldon: Created by the award-winning Conran + Partners design studio, the Eldon back-to-wall bath creates an impression of space, yet fits rooms of all proportions. Taps can be mounted on the full width tap deck and a moulded upstand allows tiles to be easily installed.

Features a void space underneath for waste plumbing. At 69″ long, it’s the perfect bath for bathrooms small or large where clean lines and day to day practicality are equally important.

Elwick: The Edwardian style Elwick is deep and dual-ended with a pedestal base giving it a dignified stance, and designed for bathrooms dedicated to sublime bathing.

Elwick is a generous double-ended bath, mounted on a pedestal base to hide away the waste plumbing. Subtle rim detailing brings the traditional form into the modern day.

Hampshire: Named for the birthplace of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, the Hampshire is English classic, an Edwardian-style bath with authentic ball-and-claw feet and one angled end for a deep soak.

Hampshire is a classic single-ended roll top Edwardian bath with one angled end for a deep soak. A range of metal foot finishes are available.

Ionian: Echoing the shape of ancient Greek Ionian Coulmns, the ionian has a subtle flare at the rim that enhances its minimalist appeal and arresting appearance.

The sculptural form of the double-ended ionian bath creates an elegant centrepiece in a modern bathroom. A distinctive variable width rim further enhances the subtle oval design. A void space underneath hides waste plumbing.

IOS: Inspired by one of the smaller Greek Islands, the ios has the same dramatic symmetry as its larger counterparts but in a more intimate and compact form.

The space-saving ios is designed for city apartments and ensuites where floor space is at a premium.

Marlborough: Named for an English dukedom, the Marlborough is a classic, an unmistakable centerpiece designed to be displayed, prized, and indulged in to the fullest.

A large, luxurious double-ended slipper bath with a plinth. The Marlborough is based on a traditional “bateau” bath.

Monaco: The Monaco creates a seamless impression as the line of the roll top gracefully tapers to the floor, for a commanding centerpiece that is also an art form.

Add instant sophistication to any bathroom – minimalist elegance that descends gracefully to the floor. Features a void space underneath for waste plumbing.

Napoli: Like the sculptures of Brancusi, the Napoli portrays the pure essence of the natural world in the shape of a shell, creating a clean, minimalist design. Boldly conceived as a low slung shell, the Napoli adds drama and architectural interest to a modern bathroom.

Pembroke: Designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati and Named after the birthplace of England’s first Tudor king, the contemporary Pembroke projects regal elegance as befits a bath named for a town of British castles and kings.

Deep and double ended, the bathtub provides a luxurious soaking experience. Features a void space underneath for waste plumbing.

Pescadero: The Pescadero’s shape echoes that of a cresting wave, with fluid flowing lines that pay homage to bodies of water, bodies in water, with style and flair. Inspired by the sea, the double-ended Pescadero features an undulating rim, designed to form a distinctive, asymmetrical ‘wave’. Features a void space underneath for waste plumbing.

Ravello: The Ravello’s rectangular silhouette is complemented by nuanced curves as its flared rim gently tapers to the floor, like the opening of a flower. Bold straight lines combine effortlessly with gentle curves.

Richmond: The Richmond’s timeless roll top silhouette is gracefully juxtaposed with Art Deco detail, to balance its clean lines and curvature with angles artistry. International styling suits modern or period settings.

Roxburgh: The Roxburgh is a statement-making work of sculpture that’s longer than the traditional Victorian slipper bath, with room to stretch in calm tranquillity. Featuring both Lion’s paw and modern feet options.

Shropshire: The Shropshire bath’s compact form surrounds the body in a deep, luscious soak, and creates a striking impression that makes any room of any size truly grand. The perfect lines of this exquisitely designed slipper bath and its compact dimensions make it of particular appeal for smaller bathrooms.

Taizu: First collaboration with renowned Hong Kong based designer Steve Leun, Taizu an opulent circular bath, has been inspired by the fine porcelain designs of the Song Dynasty. This spa-style centrepiece is at home in the most luxurious bathrooms.

The gently sloping sides are softened by a chamfered edge and sculpted detail at the base.

Terrassa: Named for a famous music festival, the Terrassa is a deep, lush soaking bath for those attuned to modern styling, unexpected flourishes, and all that jazz.

The Terrassa is a double-ended bath with internal sculpted detailing. At 67″ in length, it is the perfect match for a contemporary bathroom of any size.

Toulouse: The Toulouse takes the stylish sophistication and continental panache of the 19th century French bateau bath and gives it a clean, modern sculptural feel. Classical design from Victoria + Albert, a double-ended bateau bath inspired by the French versions first seen in the 1860s. Toulouse is available in two sizes; Toulouse 60″ and Toulouse 71″, creating a classical statement in any space.

Trivento: The Trivento reimagines the Original French Bateau Bath as a contemporary sculpture, but with such subtlety and simplicity, it becomes a work of modern art.

A modern reinvention of the classic bateau bath. Featuring a fine rim and deep and double ended bathing well, Trivento is equally at home in city apartments or family bathrooms.

Vetralla: The Vetralla’s Classic Shape can be found in grand Italian Villa’s here interpreted with clean lines of minimalist simplicity and understated sophistication. With its simple lines and deep and double-ended design, the Vetralla collection is ideal for modern bathrooms where space is at a premium. Vetralla is available in in two sizes, Vetralla 59″ and
Vetralla 2 65 Inch.

Wessex: The Wessex Edwardian-style roll top bath reflects the essence of the era in more compact dimensions with elegant symmetry and classic ball-and-claw design. Exquisite Edwardian styling that suits compact bathrooms. A range of metal foot finishes are available.

Worcester: The Worcester traditional soaking bath has deep dimensions and a dignified air, with a classically ribbed plinth, rim detailing originally found in stonework, it embodies a rich history suitable for many interiors. Elegant, classical and refined. The Worcester takes its name from the ancient English Cathedral City and the South African town where the Victoria + Albert factory is situated.

York: A work of art deserves a pedestal, and the Victorian York bathtub is worthy of the title, with its deep dimensions, imposing silhouette, and classic grandeur. Featuring a deep, double-ended bathing well, the Victorian-inspired York features an elegant pedestal base hiding all the waste plumbing.

Victoria And Albert Vessel Sinks

Victoria Albert Barcelona 48 Oval Sink And Riobel parabola wall mount faucet

Victoria And Albert Sinks are designed to complement their baths, or to stand on their own as statement pieces, the sinks come in countertop and recessed styles, in perfect circles and elegant ovals, and in a vast spectrum of colors

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