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Toto Washlet Canada

Toto Washlet Toronto, Ontario, Canada MS922CUMFG G450 Smart Toilet

The World’s Finest Bidet Washlet

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Washlet is Toto’s Award Winning bidet, seat, which fits most of the toilets sold in Canada And USA. An Electronic Bidet Seat featuring adjustable warm water cleansing, heated seat, dryer, deodorizer and much more.

TOTO Washlet bidet seats fit most standard North American toilets. They are very easy to Install. Consumers may refresh their bathroom with Washlet in less than an hour and immediately begin enjoying the cleanliness and comfort of personal cleansing with warm water.

Washlet Offers more features than the standard competition and prevents unwanted debris by concealing the wand when not in use.

TOTO Washlet defines Bidet Seat luxury, offering unparalleled performance, comfort, and cleanliness.

Far superior to the paper alternative, consumers now experience a new kind of clean that leaves them more refreshed and confident than they have ever felt after a bathroom break.

When seated on the relaxing warmth of Washlet heated seat, users may activate the cleansing cycle, and a streamlined wand with Air-In Wonder-Wave technology extends, providing a soothing warm flow of aerated water for complete cleansing. Users may then engage the dryer, which gently dries the area with warm air, protecting the environment by reducing the need to use toilet papers.

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