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TOTO Toilets Canada : Do Your Business Like A King

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TOTO Toilets Canada : Do Your Business Like A King

Almost every industry has been revolutionised with technology in the recent decades. Bathroom products seem to be a part of the revolution too, especially the TOTO Toilets.
TOTO is a worldwide brand name of leading manufacturers of lavatory and bath furniture. From its inception in 1917 and rise to fame in 1980, TOTO has grown to become one of the best brands in the industry. To date, it has more than 42 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing flush plumbing fixtures for residential and commercial applications. At BlissBath, we have multiple options for you to choose from our TOTO toilet Canada range for doing your business like a king.
The newest version has a quick release, waterproof remote control with motion sensing technology; this allows automatic lid and toilet seat opening, closing, flushing and air deodorising every time you step away from the toilet. Have a look at some of the features:

Automatic Lid Opening and Closing with Automatic Flush

TOTO has made it possible for users to open their toilet without ever touching the handle. This feature can be found on its line of TOTO Washlet toilets, which have been around since 2010. The lid automatically opens or closes and also has an indicator light that illuminates when the lid is open. It is the perfect option for guests or those who need help with their toileting needs. The flush system features an internal chain drive mechanism that enables the bowl to lift out of the way when flushed. This makes it easier for you to clean under or around the rim of the bowl, or when cleaning other parts of your toilet as needed.

Toto toilets
Toto toilets


TOTO has changed the game with their washlet line by making the units smaller and much more affordable. These washlets are a great way to make your bathroom more comfortable and practical. Washlets have proven to be more hygienic than toilet papers, making them safe for you and the environment at the same time. Enhance your toilet experience by switching to a TOTO toilet. These toilets include all the features of traditional toilets, and some additional technological refinements. This makes them more user friendly, more efficient and easier to maintain.

Dual Flush Technology

Toilets equipped with dual flush technology are a must in today’s world. The idea of dual flush was invented in Japan where toilets have separate tank systems for liquid & solid waste. This way, users can accomplish their daily duties without wasting water. The sensor technology enables the toilet to provide sanitary results every time it’s used! Toto created this technology with the customer in mind and they seem to be doing their job well.

Toto toilets
Toto toilets

Heated Seats with Air Deodoriser

TOTO Toilets define luxury, therefore, go above and beyond for their customer’s toilet needs. TOTO’s heated seats in toilet are designed to provide the comfort deserved by you and your family, especially on a cold morning. The air deodoriser keeps your toilet area smelling fresh, while the Heated Seat provides warmth for your bottom at all times.

The Toto Washlet is the original smart toilet seat that has been putting the company on top globally. There are a number of durable, advanced control panels available on the Toto brand flush toilets. Have a look at our latest collection of toilets available on SALE!
Introduce this new kind of toilet that adds convenience to your lives.

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