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We carry complete collection of BainUltra Bathtubs.

Made exclusively of high quality pure materials, BainUltra bathtubs offer unparalleled quality and a beautiful finish that’s made to last.

Handcrafted with expert care, our baths finishes transform your bath into a precious jewel of royal comfort.

Bain Ultra tubs are not only Marvels of Technology, they’re true works of Art.

Their passion for seeking out innovative solutions has inspired us to dream and develop products at the cutting edge of design and technology.

Our collection include Amma, Bain De Ville, Balneo, Beone, Celestia, Charism, Citti, Elegancia, Essencia, Evanescence, Inua, Libra, Meridian, Monarch, Nokori Oval, Opalia, Opus, Origami, Scala, Thalassa, And Vibe.

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